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Stephen Pearcy “Smash” CD

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It’s been awhile since Stephen Pearcy has released a record to eager listeners. Pearcy is known mostly for being the frontman of the 1980s hair metal act RATT, though he has released a string of solo projects dating back to 2002. Alongside the likes of Poison, Quiet Riot, and Skid Row, RATT were one of the most prominent hair metal acts throughout the 1980s. For his fourth record, Smash, Pearcy seems content on experimenting with his sound while still remaining true to his metal roots.

Track Listing

01. I Know I’m Crazy
02. Ten Miles Wide
03. Lollipop
04. Dead Roses
05. Shut Down Baby
06. Hit Me With A Bullet
07. Want Too Much
08. What Do Ya Think
09. Jamie
10. Rain
11. Can’t Take It (Album Version)
12. Summer’s End
13. Passion Infinity


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