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Blue Moon Hemp is dedicated to bringing together the best farmers, growing methods, researchers and laboratory partners to create a product that is known to have a positive impact on a human’s well being. By employing measured means to achieve these goals, we proudly present the Blue Moon Hemp Collection at a sustainable price. Blue Moon Hemp is sourced directly from farmers in Kentucky under provisions of Sec. 7606 of the Farm Bill. They grow and harvest using the most environmentally sustainable and Eco-friendly methods available today to ensure a consistent high quality product.

What is CBD? 
Cannabidiol – CBDa is the primary component of Cannabis Sativa L, otherwise known as Industrial Hemp. This is a CBD dominant plant meaning that THC is below .3%. We go the extra step and remove all of the THC to render it Triple Zero (non-detectable) on a drug screen.

Where is the CBD from?
Blue Moon Hemp is derived from one strain, a Cannabis Sativa L cultivator. It is domestically cultivated and grown in an ideal climate using Eco-friendly sustainable methods.

Is it legal?
Probably the #1 question everyone asks. YES IT IS. Because our product is produced under provision Sec. 7606 of the Farm Bill, we meet every statutory requirement to sell in all 50 U.S. States and territories.


CBD Vape Oils: Kush, Pure, RedDevil, Flan, BlackKat

CBD Living Chocolate Bars: Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate

Get Zen Capsules: Cannaprofen, Tranquility

Chill Pure CBD: Crystalline Isolate

Kush Queen: Bath Bomb

Kush Queen: Soaked Shower Gel

Kush Queen: Ignite Lubricant

CBD Living Gummies: Cherry, Apple, Sour, Assorted

CBD Salve: LimoneneNaturalEucalyptus

CBD Cat Oil

CBD Tincture: Natural, Peppermint, Berry

CBD Living: Freeze Roll On

CBD Living Sleep Aid: Cherry, Grape

Other Products Not Photographed!
Melt Pain: Relief Lotion
Plain Jane: Body LotionBubble Bath
Made From Dirt: Stretch Mark SalveSleep BalmPeppermint Pain SalveSunflower Salve