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Title – Cass County
Price – $12.99
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The new Don Henley CD is really very very good. Be one of the first 300 people to order it from Looney Tunes and we will give you a FREE CD BOOKLET AUTOGRAPHED BY DON HENLEY!!!

The CD is out now! These orders will ship on Thursday October 8th. You will receive tracking on your order once it is shipped next week.  International orders do not get tracking info.

CD & Autographed Booklet- $12.99
There is a maximum of 2 per person! If you order more…you will be partially refunded and shipped only 2.



“Henley has made an album of quietly defiant pure-country modernism…Everything in the music serves the sting and solace in the tales.” – Rolling Stone

“**** All your ears will want to listen to for the rest of 2015…16 impeccably crafted tunes”
– US Weekly

“To paraphrase an old Bono aphorism: The Garths, Keiths and Kennys of the world stole country-rock, and now Don Henley’s stealing it back.” – NPR

“Henley hasn’t made many adjustments in his lyrical preoccupations — regret and acceptance, the passage of time, love’s fading and bloom — so the album is still more about taking the Long Road Out Of Eden than dirt roads. The real shift is in a degree of acoustic instrumentation not heard in his work since The Eagles’ classic sophomore album, Desperado.” – NPR

“Cass County, named after the underpopulated area of Texas where Henley grew up, evokes a lonesome state of mind…” – NPR