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Artist – F*ck Face McGee and The Trap Happy Swindlers 
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Trapped in the hoods of Long Island, a two man Acoustic Horror Punk band emerges from the depths of poverty and the cruelty of police brutality. We are as crusty and DIY as it gets, all songs recorded on our cell phones and all our songs fueled by pure hatred and emotion. F*ck Face McGee and The Trap Happy Swindlers combines the hardest and most brutal vocal techniques with clever and trap influenced lyrics.

With influences like “Pat The Bunny” “Attila” “OG Maco” and “Chief Keef”.

BandCamp: https://fuckfacemcgeeandthetraphappyswindlers.bandcamp.com/

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/FFMATTHS

InstaGram: https://instagram.com/brobation/


Email: TrapHappy@OutLook.com