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AUTOGRAPHED CD: Westbound Train “Come And Get It”


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Come and Get It is the fourth album from Boston-based Ska band Westbound Train. It is their second release for Hellcat Records. It was released on April 21, 2009.

Track Listing

  1. “I Don’t Belong Here”
  2. “Ain’t Gonna Be Easy”
  3. “Check Your Time”
  4. “Why You Cry”
  5. “Come And Get It”
  6. “Some Things Are Meant To Be Remembered”
  7. “Salvation”
  8. “If Only”
  9. “What You Need”
  10. “The Passage”
  11. “Lift My Voice Up Loud”
  12. “For The Record”
  13. “Many Things A Man Can Say”
  14. “Critical Ska”
  15. “Cheers! The World’s Almost Over”


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