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Babysitting A Band On The Rocks BOOK

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In Babysitting A Band On The Rocks, G.D Praetorius tells his story of a young adulthood accelerated by a chaotic life producing rock concerts in clubs, theatres and arenas across the Northeast for a promoter during the early 1980s, the summit of rock star excess. Centered around a year of living on the edge with a down and out Steven Tyler and Aerosmith, the work includes side trips involving other ’70s and ’80s icons from ACDC to Van Halen, plus some more recent encounters with classic rock personalities including Keith Richards and Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee. His adolescent love affair with rock evolves into an appreciation of performers as people, featuring an intimate peek at their foibles, failings and addictions to adoration and varied vices. Babysitting A Band On The Rocks is also full of photos of performers onstage and off, many never before available to the public.


“One word summary: spectacular.  Your storytelling skills, combined with the frontline knowledge & anecdotes, are outstanding.”

– Anderson A., Business Consultant & Private Money Manager


“Your story still haunts me. It was so well written and perfectly captures in a very human and compassionate way how quickly the fall can happen in the world of rock n’ roll.”

– George H., Commercial & Film Producer.


“Great job! Well written! A great read! Loved your voice!”

– Dee Snider, Lead Singer for Twisted Sister


“I grew up in Southern California as a big Rock ‘n’ Roll fan, and the behind the scenes stories always grab my interest. You need to get your stories out there, people want to read them!”

– Michael A., Vice President, Digital Services


“That was freaking awesome!!!  In truth, I don’t like reading. I have a very short attention span. But I LOVED every part of it.

– Robert A., Vice President, Apparel and Fashion Company




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