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Bullet For My Valentine “Gravity” *Pre-Order*


  • Releases on June 29th, 2018.
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Bullet For My Valentine first showcased their talent as musicians with an ear for melody when the Welsh rockers erupted on to the Metal scene with their debut phenomenon, ‘The Poison’. Since their prestigious debut, Bullet have demonstrated their desire to expand their range while retaining their roots with each successive album, achieving some remarkable results along the way. With their forthcoming album, ‘Gravity.’ Bullet For My Valentine don’t just reach for the stars, they courageously leap into the great unknown. A record their audience is sure to relish, even if they are likely to be pleasantly surprised.

With time comes evolution, and Bullet have indeed evolved. Avoiding trading their unique sound for formula, the band have instead opted for a more layered approach, filling in the spaces of their musical spectrum throughout the majority of ‘Gravity’ with synths and electronics. A decision that will separate purists from the open minded, the latter bound to find themselves in for a refreshing treat. While these newer components are obviously present, in most cases they never dominate the heavier elements within the songs. Instead they compliment them. In “Letting You Go,” swooning, gentle verses blend with sharp, gripping choruses as the song sinks its teeth in deep, subjecting you to its understated power. Similarly, “Not Dead Yet” exhibits a gravitational pull as it coils tightly around its listener. With simple, single notes creating a running melody, consistently building toward anthemic gang chants coupled with a hook line that feels pure, Bullet deliver with a delightful twist.

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