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Halestorm “Vicious” *Pre-Order*


  • Releases on July 27th, 2018.
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On HALESTORM‘s upcoming album, “Vicious”:

Lzzy: “We went in with Nick Raskulinecz, who is ALICE IN CHAINS‘ producer, he did the FOO FIGHTERSRUSHDEFTONESQUEENS OF THE STONE AGE… the list goes on. KORN, he brought back KORN to life — that kind of thing. And he’s just such a fan of the band that we were kind of forced to be kind of unapologetically ourselves to the point that he’s, like, ‘No. That doesn’t rock enough. We have to push the envelope.’ So we started in the studio with him with nothing and ended up building up this amazing record. I don’t know if Arejay will agree with me, but I think it’s gonna be our most HALESTORM record to date. ‘Cause you can really hear what everybody brings to the table, hear what we do live and what we do in front of people.”

Arejay: “I think it’s probably the least processed and probably the most organically produced record that we’ve done. That’s kind of his style. He wanted to not only bring out the greatness in her voice and the greatness in all the songs that we wrote together, but he’s very much in the trenches of everything, of all the sounds — everything that we’re all playing together. So I think you’ll get the most complete package out of this one. Every producer that I’ve worked with has always been, to me, ‘Okay. Dumb it down. Dumb it down. Play it really simple.’ He actually wanted me to bring some personality and kind of capture… ‘Cause that’s kind of how we are live — live, it’s kind of this crazy, derailed train, but it kind of works. I think what Nick wanted to do was finally… With every record, we tried to capture that on record, and we got close, but I think this is the closest that we’ve ever gotten.”

“Vicious” will be released on July 27 via Atlantic.

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