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Hollow Earth “Dead Planet”

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The newest offering from Detroit bad boys Hollow Earth. “Dead Planet” offers a strange mix between metalcore and sludge, of all things. This seemingly paradoxical mix yields a uniquely aggressive album, channeling the different and often opposite timbers of the two genres into an impossible, astral beast.

This complex balance can be attributed to two things, each one then splitting off into its own pair (science fiction likes its symmetries, after all). The first element is the timbres being used on the album. This element splits into two, with the vocal style and the guitars clashing to create a heady mix of aggression coupled with contemplation. The vocals draw their influence from hardcore, leading us to use the metalcore moniker. They are raw screams, delivering without relent or much dynamism, crashing again and again upon our ear-drums. Guest spots from Trevor Strnad (The Black Dahlia Murder) and John Pettibone (Heiress) further enhance this vocal style and add much to its almost abrasive delivery.


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