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Jim Breuer And The Loud & Rowdy “Songs From The Garage”

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The 11-track Songs From the Garage was produced by Rob Caggiano, who also plays guitar in Breuer’s backing band, the Loud and Rowdy, along with bassist Joe Vigliotti and drummer Mike Tichy. As promised, the album will also feature two guest appearances from AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson, who lends his vocals to “My Rock n Roll Dream” and “Mr. Rock n Roll.”


1. “Thrash”
2. “Raising Teenage Girls”
3. “Old School”
4. “Be a Dick 2Nite”
5. “My Rock n Roll Dream”(featuring Brian Johnson)
6. “Mr. Rock n Roll” (featuring Brian Johnson)
7. “Who’s Better Than Us?!”
8. “Family Warrior”
9. “Sugar Rush”
10. “Wannabe”
11. “The Unexplained”


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