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Red Fang “Only Ghosts”



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In their short lifespan, they seem to have set off (along with bands like Mastodon, Kylesa, and Baroness) a seemingly endless parade of C-list copycat bands that think all you need to do to be a great band is put on a cool denim jacket and stock up on ZVex pedals. But when it comes to the sick jams department, few bands hold a candle to the Fang.

And with Only Ghosts, they’ve delivered their freshest set of jams yet. On this new album, Red Fang are executing their songwriting at a deadly precision: their melodies are hookier, their compositions perfectly tweaked, their dual-throaty-vocal layers reaching an artful tier not really seen in the genre since Blood Mountain. “Not For You” and “Cut it Short” have some of the band’s most crushing riffs, but feature verse-chorus ideas that could easily sit on a pop-rock record. The interplay between Aaron Beam and Bryan Gyles is really hitting its stride, and the dudes are clearly more comfortable ever in constructing the right vocal part for the right part – particularly on songs like opener “Flies.”

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