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Tenacious D “Post Apocalypto”


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While Post-Apocalytpo’s raunchy right-doing won’t be for everyone, Tenacious D fans are going to howl with laughter at Jack Black’s obsessive male genitalia traces, bumbled conversations morphed into skits on par with Rick and Morty’s “Interdimensional Cable” episodes, and artistic ambition that makes Home Movies look like the Mona Lisa. “The D” voice every character and have a blast doing so, both performers’ personalities injected into the throbbing heart of Post-Apocalypto. A bit half-baked if you’ve never inhaled “The D’s” numskull strain of humor, but rebellious intent and zero creative containment make for an unfiltered, uninterrupted, unstoppably funny Tenacious D return with the power to save our universe. Imperfections the very source of its DIY superhero act.

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