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Jason Newsted’s been a busy guy since leaving Metallica in 2001.  He’s been in tons of bands, guested on tons of records, but now he’s finally lending his name to his own singular vision with his new band, appropriately named Newsted.    This past March he joined forces with Mike Mushok from Staind, and the band decided to pack up their gear and hit the road for their first full tour before getting their new full length album ready to get released later this year!

They’ll be hitting New York next week – Tuesday, May 21st to be exact, at the Highline Ballroom.  And your pals at Looney Tunes have got you covered – one lucky winner will win a pair of tickets to see the show live and in person!

The way to win is a little trickier this time – we’re going to play Six Degrees of Jason Newsted.  You need to be the first person to come into the store and correctly link Jason Newsted to the late comedian George Carlin to win these tickets.  Good luck! CONGRATULATIONS BRIAN CIAMBRIELLO! Brian was the first person to come in with a correct answer, and he’ll be going to the show next week!